Clothing Drive at H.I.S.

On the 13th and 14th of October, seven students helped to collect clothes from the H.I.S. (Heidelberg International School) community for the Begegnungshaus in Walldorf.

The Begegnungshaus in Walldorf works to help refugees from many countries especially the Ukraine and local people in need in many different ways. The house offers free tutoring and German lessons for kids and adults and also has a room dedicated for donated clothing. Adults, teens and kids in need of these clothes can “shop” and try on the clothes and take home their most needed and favourite pieces. As the cold winter approaches the Begegnungshaus was in need of warm jackets, sweaters and pants so initiative by 11 and 12 graders was taken to organise a clothing drive to collect warm clothes from the H.I.S. community. 

The drive was a success as the H.I.S. community was able to bring in a dozen large bags of clothing for kids, teens and adults at the Begegnungshaus. They were extremely thankful for our contribution and would like to thank the H.I.S. community for donating the clothes and helping them this winter. 

Elsa and Lucia, Grade 11

Clothing drive at H.I.S.
And finally at Begegnungshaus